Monday, January 9, 2012

Dairy and Mastalgia?

Well, my right boob pain is 99% gone - that's good.  And although it is CD18, my normal cyclical boob pain has not started up yet.  Sadly, I happened across a link with cyclical boob pain and DAIRY.

Oh, so sad.  Woe is me.  I loooove my goat milk/cheese/yoghurt.  I am trying this month to not have any.  Sigh.  Well, except for this raclette party we're going to on the weekend.  I went out an bought some goat cheese that is suitable for raclette (you know you're at a cool cheese shop when you ask for raclette cheese made from goat or sheep, and they just nod and bring you some cheese).  We'll see if I don't get sore boobs until then.  That would certainly be interesting, if very sad.

So while I was out and about getting my fancy cheese, I tried to go to the herbalist to buy another Chastetree berry/Vervain tincture (this is the one I use to help with progesterone in luteal phase)- closed on Sundays!  So at my hippie store I bought some chaste tree berry tea and vervain tea.  Ah...I don't think tea is quite the same as tincture.  But, it is the best I can do until I can get more tincture.  And certainly cheaper than tincture!  Wish me luck!  (Or let me know if this is a terrible idea)

On Saturday I had a moment of - "maybe I don't even want to have a baby".  It was sort of surreal.  It was a tiring day (which began at 5am), and I was having a bath and reading a book in the evening, and I thought about how much I was enjoying that - and with kids you don't necessarily get to check out and have a bath whenever you want.  By Sunday I was back in the swing of things, but....  yikes.  At the very least I'm hoping for a little Murphey's Law action here.  ;)

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  1. I had an allergic reaction to some goat brie over the holidays. It was so bad that I had to take an antihistamine! I am so afraid that I have to avoid my precious goat cheese. :(

    So glad that the boob pain is getting better!


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