Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hark! Herein cometh thy contemptible Aunt!

Spotting started yesterday.

Today is 'heavy spotting' or I may call it Day 1, we'll see how it progresses.

Well.  IUI is it.  Too bad, I was hoping for a 'natural', of course.  This is like our 8th month after DH's counts have been up.  So... yeah.  That wasn't the only issue.  There is something else.

So I guess we'll see how it goes next cycle!  At this point I am cautiously optimistic.


  1. CS, no!! I hate ur AF! I've been checking ur blog frequently, hoping and praying.....I'm sorry!! Sending u hugs.

  2. UGGGGHHHH!! Stupid AF. Take a nice long vacation won't you??!?! Like 9 months long.......

  3. I'm sorry :( After the CD23 light cramping, I was really hopeful for you. Be good to yourself and get through the next few days (I hope you have a better strategy than me ... at one point a good dose of red wine and a bag of cheezits was my formula).

    My RE actually 'perscribed' one glass of red wine a day during weeks 1-3 of a cycle (approx a week after IUI) - I believe he cited some kind of research about this, I don't remember. Anyway the red wine was to be French or Italian, as they are higher in ... hmm, I htink it was resveratrol. Anyway I am sure it has the side effect of making you more relaxed as you deal with all the craziness. But no wine for week 4.

    That was probably my favourite part about the whole RE and IUI business.

  4. I'm glad we are cycle buddies - here's hoping to a couple of BFPs soon! Fingers crossed for you!

  5. Stupid AF. I hate that b*#%£!!!!


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