Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clomid day 3 (IUI #2)

So here I am on day 3 of Clomid.  It isn't as bad as I thought it might be.  I was worried it would be worse.  (I was particularly worried I'd have emotional outbursts at work.)

So far my eye hurt a bit on Day 1, but that went away after an hour or two.  I am on the lookout (hah!) for blurry vision, because that would be so like me (I have weak eyes - Diet Coke used to make me a bit blurry, back when I consumed such things.  Dodgy, right?  This probably means IT IS BAD FOR YOU - but I still drank it for years.).

I had two hot flashes last night.  Not so bad.  A bit crazy - and it seemed to last for several minutes, which was weird, but nothing too bad.  I wonder if I'll get any today at work?  That would be weird.  I'm used to night sweats a few times a month (bad, I know, but I can't seem to get rid of them), but day-sweats would be new.  ;)  Like a little preview of menopause, so I can feel more for my older friends.

I did decide to continue Fertile.CM during Clomid - Dr Google wasn't quite as helpful as I'd hoped, but if you dig around enough it seems like it will be ok.

In other news, I decided to buy some natural progesterone cream.  This article (by my fav Internet hippie doc) sold me.  [I would be interested in the Napro ladies view of that article.  Do ya'll think it is bogus or genius?]  I figure at least if I order it, I can then decide to use it or not.  And it makes me kinda glad my doc didn't proscribe progesterone pills, since they seem to be bad sauce.    I paid an exhorbanant fee to ship to Canada, but I just wanted to get it done and not look around the Intenet for the best deal.

Wanding tomorrow!


  1. I am new to napro, of course, so I don't know a lot about that view of things yet, other than that they believe that you have certain points in your cycle when you may need to supplement with progesterone, and it is individual with everyone. And the only way they know which part of your cycle you need it for is if you chart your CM. Then your napro doc prescribes it for those 5 or 8 or 12 or whatever days only. I think they use the pills. Somebody else could tell you more, I'm sure.

    RE: Clomid - I didn't find it challenging until AFTER my IUI...the symptoms were really strong for me and they were stereotypical pregnancy symptoms so they really messed with my head and nobody warned me beforehand. So, FYI, you will likely have major preggo symptoms this month - expect them and take them with a grain of salt, is my advice.

    Crossing fingers for you!!!!


  2. I really hope that Clomid doesn't make you crazy like it does me!

    Good luck at your wanding!!

  3. I'm glad Clomid isn't treating you too bad. It never bothered me too much. I did get a lot of hot flashes though. I've done natural progesterone cream - a long time ago. Now I use suppositories. But, I did notice that it helped increase my Luteal Phase. I've seen many have success with it. Good luck!!


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