Thursday, January 19, 2012

No sign of AF ... yet....


Well, I've made it this far.  But I feel as if I've turned a corner.  The mini "other" signs (the ones I can read as "Gosh, maybe I'm pg!") have sort of dissipated, and the "Hark!  Herein cometh thy scurlilious Aunt..." symptoms maybe are on the rise.

But of course, the boobies still sore.  Less sore is really hard to figure out, as they do seem to fluctuate during the day.  I almost freaked out yesterday when I accidentally elbowed myself and it didn't hurt very much - but they were back to hurting in the evening.

It still maybe has to do with milk.  I did sneak some cheese last night.

These suddenly-long cycles are a pain.  Really, do I need 5 extra days of worry?  If AF is going to come anyway, let her come in a timely manner, yo.  Let's get on with this IUI already.


  1. I hear you, sister! You're still in the "normal" range though - not technically a long cycle yet...but a good length!

  2. I always find this part of the cycle so crazy-making! I'm hoping that pesky AF stays away!


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