Friday, January 27, 2012

A wanding I did go.

Day 7 wanding.
I did not enjoy it.  She forgot me so I waited forever and was late.
And I swear she bruised me. 

Anyway - I thought things were going great.  The wander was like "Wow, a lot of follicles!", and I was so proud of them.  But then later the doc came in and saw them and was like, "Wow, you're going really slow at this, eh?  Well, you've got time".  Yikes.  SLOW?  Isn't 8 or 9 follicles good?  It is only CD7, so who knows how many will make it to maturity.....  Time?  As in time for more cycles?!  Aye ya.

And even though I knew I was sort of freaking out over nothing, I was really bummed all morning.  Can I blame that on the Clomid?!?!  :)

By the numbers:  (which have no units, so my Internet research is dodgy)
Lining: 4.9mm (Is I think ok, little on the thin side?)
Follicles:  8 or 9 (Which I thought was good - what is good at this day?)
Estrogen:  456 (Which I freaked out over - it seems so high.  So I Dr Googled like mad... and I think maybe it is ok?  Good to double from day 3 to day 5, which this would have done.  Then I read something that was saying 200-600 per mature follicle is normal.  Which seems like I might be ok.  Opinions?)
LH:  8.3  (Fine)
Progesterone:  4.5  (Fine.  I did notice the Internet says >10 is good on a natural cycle, >15 good for IVF cycle.  What is Dr Nora saying that 60 is good?  That is crazy.  Or maybe we're in different units?)
FSH:  7.4  (I don't care about this.  Do you?  I don't really know much about FSH.)


  1. 8 0r 9 sounds good to me! I am sorry I have not been around to read, I have been sick sick sick, but I'm so happy that your moving forward this month. I cant wait to hear how its all going next weekend. Everything I have is crossed for you, I will pray for you in church tomorrow and every night before bed!

  2. 9 follies! Omg! Do I hear triplets?? You might just get them now......hope ur feeling well, w/that estrogen level, I would be a raving lunatic! Sending prayers.


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