Monday, January 16, 2012

Days 25+

This is the most annoying time of the 2WW.  For spotting could begin at any moment... or it might hold off until CD30....

Every teeny thing different with me I think "Is this early pg?"

And you think I could get through a 2WW without 3 posts on my boobs?  No.  Sorry.  You would think I have some killer tatas, but no, they are just a sorce of 2WW trouble.  The rest of the time they are rather humble.

My boobs are more sore.  After Saturday's nights raclette party, the boobie soreness hit overdrive.  Now they are like as if bruised.  Was it the cheese, or was it just time to amp up?  I have no conclusions.  (It isn't caffeine - caffeine I haven't had in like over a year.  It is probably lack of progesterone.  Or too much progresterone?  Or a change in progesteron?!  Urghgh.)

I have felt nauseous on a off a bit through the last day or two.  Or this just nerves?  Probably.  I swear,  if it weren't for stick tests, I would have had like 7 hysterical pregnancies by now.  I am sure glad for technology on this front!


  1. Oh, the crazy-making 2WW! I hope that the sore boobs aren't too uncomfortable. I've had 2WW where I had to brace mine to walk up stairs 'cos they were so bad!

  2. All these crazy symptoms!! O, I am praying.....


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