Saturday, January 14, 2012

Light Cramping


Well, I've been having light cramping for about 3 days.  And breast tenderness - that didn't go away with skipping dairy this month.  But is supremely different than my pulled chest wall soreness, I don't know how I could have mixed them up!

The cramping is fooling with my head this 2WW.  I remember reading on a blog that low cramping was a good sign (in contrast to her sharp pains after an IVF, which was a bad sign).  And I swear I read somewhere you are more likely to conceive after a long cycle - which is also messing with my head!

Either this is it, or AF is going to ROCK me this month!  (The odds makers in Vegas put me actually being pg as 1:28 - pretty long odds, eh?  I would not take that bet!)

I started taking my Chastetree berry + Vervain tea - UGH.  It is mightiliy disgusting.  I hope it is doing something!   I made the mistake of making a HUGE cup of it the first day - that was rough!  Second day I made just a half a normal cup, so I could down it in a few gulps after it cooled.  I left them at work (I've been taking it in the afternoon, so away from food), I think I have just enough tincture to get me through the weekend.

Oh, and have I mentioned I am taking F.ertileCM in preps for next cycle?  I somehow LOVE taking it.  I feel like I am doing something massively good for myself.  Which it certainly not necessarily the truth - but it a nice feeling, so I'll go with it.  I read on someone's Napro blog that their Napro doc had prescibed it for them.  And I thought to myself, "If a real honest to goodness doctor is suggesting this stuff, it must be legit."  And I certainly have known CM issues, so it can't hurt.  Afterall, Dr Nora gave me that huge CM lecture.  So it would be grand to actually have good CM for the drugged IUI we are planning!

I think if the IUI#2 doesn't work, DH and I should go away on a last minute vacation.  :)


  1. I sure hope this is it, CM! I mean, CS! ;-)
    In the meantime, a couple of thoughts on the breast tenderness/chest pains - someone told me that tenderness in that area (when AF isn't coming and one isn't pregnant) is often caused by too much caffeine. And Energy Man would say you have blocked energy there that needs clearing.
    FWIW, I think that you should go on your vacation and relax immediately following your IUI!!

  2. No caffeine here - I am all herbal teas and decaf and carob! But maybe I do need to see Energy Man!

  3. I hope that the cramping and breast tenderness are good signs!

    Btw, where did you find FertileCM?

  4. I am keeping my fingers cross....please, please, please AF stay away!!


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