Monday, January 23, 2012

Roger that Houston, IUI #2 is good to take-off!

It's on.

I had sort of a weird conversation with the nurse.  She was like "I'm going to give you 10 pills", and I was like "How much in each pill?", and she was like "Huh?", and I was like "How many milligrams each?", and she was like "50mg", and I was like "100mg/day?  Can I do 50 mg/day?"...

And in the long run, that's what I'm going to do.  The doc wasn't around.  And she was like - in the end, he'd say to do whatever you are comfortable with.  It seems a bit loosey-goosey to me - but it's sort of a crap-shot after all.  Dr Nora recommended 25mg/day.  Dr Google seems to say side effects and risks are much higher at 150 mg/day.  So I think I'm cool with 50 mg/day.  I think it makes sense to start small.  Because who knows how my body will respond?  I don't have problems ovulating, this is just to make some bonus eggs.

But I haven't told you blog ladies - but I've been secretly obsessing about triplets.  But with only 50 mg/day and still <1% chance, it is unlikely.  But it SUCH a fun day dream to have.  About all the triplet problems you would have - fun.  :)  For a while I would day dream of having quads, but as this is even less realistic, I ratcheted down to triplets.  Think of all the fun you could have naming!

I will be taking one 50mg tablet of Clomid per day for 5 days.  I go in again on CD7.  That seems like a long way away!

Does anyone know if I should stop taking FertileCM?  I will go ask Dr Google.

Although I intended to keep myself at cautiously optimistic, I accidentally am now just excited.  I know this comes with a very heartbreaking AF visit, but I think there is no way around the heartbreak this cycle if I don't catch.

By the numbers:
Estrogen 141
LH 4.9
Progresterone 4.5
FSH 6.0

And one other thing.  I thought it was going to be like $500.  No!  It was $34.50.  Nice.


  1. Go follies! go follies!

    I would not mess with the dragon you posted below. I hope it kicks IF butt!

  2. I day dream about multiples, too...sigh. We're crazy! Hope your follies are growing up a storm!

  3. Mr JB would love to have multiples, me, not so much.

    Grow follies, grow!!

  4. Your numbers are great! I think 50mg is a good way to start off. We didn't do 100mg until later on. I hope this is IT for you! How exciting!


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