Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy (Chinese) New Years!

I am sort of liking the symbolism of starting this new cycle practically on the same day as the New Year starts.  It would be slightly more poetic if CD1 was tomorrow, but it's close enough.  Tomorrow is my first wanding of the season, so to speak.

Chinese New Years is quite a big holiday in my DH's family.  This was sort of a surprise for me initially, but now I am sort of thinking it's like their Christmas (in terms of excitement and family time), and going with it.  I am taking tomorrow off work (yay!) so we can all eat breakfast (which is actually at 11am) together as a family.   Which I think is nice - we share the first meal of the year together, to symbolize staying together as a family for the next year.

Last night we had hot pot at Oldest Sister's house - that was also super fun.  Like a billion kids were there, but not for Oldest Sister or I - it is kind of like our bond.

So, I am feeling quite hopeful (or, erm, cautiously optimistic).  And if it doesn't work, I have a lap scheduled at the end of March.  With these awful periods and other pains, I am more and more suspecting endo.  So we will see at that time.  (If'n I'm not pg, that is).

See this dragon?  (Year of the Dragon begins tomorrow)  Maybe this dragon will beat down my infertility!  Woohai!  (Doesn't he seem to be saying "I'm comin' for you, IF!"?)


  1. Happy CNY to you and your DH!!
    (Hilariously, yesterday nephew X said to me: "Aunt Feather, we are having Chinese Thanksgiving at school! It's going to be fun!" Oh X.)
    I am so optimistic for your year of the Dragon! Hugs!

  2. Happy Chinese New Year! We're making dragons this week at school to celebrate!


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