Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Plans a-changing?

So Dr Bad's office called me back, and I spoke at length with his receptionist.

I made this mistake saying I've heard bad things about IVF Canada, which super offended her.

She also was kind of like... "maybe it is just a timing issue".  Really?!  For 18months?!  Are you kidding me?  She ran off the standard, if your hormones are ok and DH is ok, everything should be fine.  I was kind of like...aren't there hundreds of things that could be going wrong still??  And why is a receptionist giving me medical advice?

BUT, as she was talking, I was like....well, I could stay with Dr Bad for my first IUI, while I am in queue for Dr Awesome (the one we talked about, Mrs Hatter).  I have an appt booked with my family doc for next week, and I was going to ask for a referral to Dr Love, but maybe I should just ask for a referral to Dr Awesome, and then go with Dr Bad for now.

  • If I just need to jump my cervix, any IUI should do me, I don't need a great doc necessarily, I just want it at a time convenient to me (May)
  • If I don't have endo, Dr Love prob isn't the right guy for me anyway....
  • But I was sort of looking forward to Dr Love and his meditation and whatnot, instead of this "well obvi nothing is really wrong then it is probably just timing" crap
But will my family doc then know I am in queue for two docs?!?  And thus will Dr Bad drop me?  Augh, why did I call up Dr Bad's office in the first place?!?  This is so complicated!

Anyway, she's going to send me some forms, I have a chance to think through this all.

Even though it is a lovely snow day, I do sit here stressed out - precipitated by a work meeting.  I think after lunch I'll go out and shovel for a bit, that should relieve some stress!


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  2. Hold up, i just re-read your post, did you mean, Dr. Bad..hmmm i don't know i would wait to see Dr. amazing or Dr. want a REALLY GOOD DOCTOR..cause you will be taking some heavy drugs and the doc better know what he/she is doing!

  3. I removed the previous post cause i think it is better i share with you my experience in person how to deal with these people. Too long to post in here. Hope the rest of your day will be better. Sending you lots of big hugs! Hang in there!

  4. Okay, first of all you MUST e-mail me the identity of Dr. Love - meditation? I need to know who it is!

    Is it that you already have a referral to see Dr. Bad? Is that why you feel like you need to see him for this IUI? I haven't actually heard bad things about IVF Canada...aren't they into acupuncture and stuff? Maybe you can tell your family doctor your dilemma?

    Wish I had more advice to give!

    Thinking of you.

  5. I am so tired of dealing with ridiculous doctors. At this point in our IF journey I can only deal with doctors I like and trust. I figure if I don't like the doctor then my body won't fully trust them.

    Tough choice. Hugs!

  6. HUMMM Yes I would love the identity of Dr. Awesome as well, mad hatter care to swap? I also met a lovely fertility specialist and the fund IVF meeting last night, she says it takes two months to get into her clinic and she was fantastic.


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