Saturday, February 12, 2011

Did I call it?

My boss is pregnant.
With twins.

She must have gotten pregnant right after she had her endometriosis removed.  It is quite possible she had to do IVF - since she knows already it is fraternal twins, I am guessing....?  Or they were just lucky.

Dang it!  I had this wonderful fantasy where I tell her I'm preggo and out of there, and I would try to break it to her gently in case they were trying.  She'd have to find someone to replace me.  Now I will have to replace her.  Or worse, they'll get someone else to replace her.  At least if I replace her I'd be a manager.  (I'm sort of most senior on our team, so I'm kind of next in line...but still sort of young to be a manager.)  Not that I'm sure I can deal with the stress of such a situation... although I suppose I could deal with the pay cheque.

Whining time:
It's not really fair.  (sigh)  Although that's how it is, right?  This lady is super stressed all the time and on a serious caffeine buzz most of the time - although I guess maybe she's cut down to one a day.  COFFEE.  I let not any caffeine pass my lips!  And she skips meals, never exercises, etc. etc.  Serious.

I know, I know.   Life isn't fair.  Look at all the crackheads that get preggo.  And maybe she deserves it, maybe she was TTC for a while.  But I'm still not happy about it.  Oh geez - I'll have to look at her huge twins preggo belly every day.  Great.


  1. Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!! I am sure its the worst when work place pregnancies pop up. I guess I was KINDA lucky cause in my job I KNOW everyone is pregnant, so there isn't any surprises. It would be hard to go to work one day and have to hear the news. Does she know at all that your trying? It sounds to me like she was trying, especially if she had a laparoscopy and is now preg. with twins. I wonder what would happen if you told her, would she tell you all about her TTC? or would she be like everyone else and just be like "just relax"....oh gosh, that would be the worst. I am really sorry you have to sit with the growing preg. belly for the next little while, your right...its NOT FAIR (stomp feet!!!)

  2. Thanks Tishi! I'm *almost* done with my pity party. I have been toying with the idea of telling her we're TTC... but then that mean her husband knows (he's also a manager at our company - in a very closely related technical field but different business unit), and prob our director will know (they're like best friends)... I'm not sure I'm ready for that. PLUS, what if that affects my changes of being a manager, cuz they think I'll too be gone soon, when little do they know it could be years still....

  3. Everyone in our situation is allowed a pity party when something like this happens. But we also have to look at it as a ray of hope. It's obvious she had some challenge getting pregnant, so she is a success story. But it doesn't help get rid of that feeling "when is it going to be my turn?"

    Good luck with the possible promotion...I'll keep my m gingers crossed for you...

  4. Argh!!!

    Honestly, if I became a crack whore I would get pg right away!!!! It does not make sense to me that women all around me get pg by accident, or have horrible habits or don't take care of themselves! Meanwhile I eat organic, practice yoga, get enough sleep, barely drink anything and take every vitamin/supplement possible.

    There is no logic when it comes to IF.

    Big, big hugs to you!

  5. JB you hit the nail on the head! Thanks 1014 - I try not to pity party too often....but last night I was toast.

  6. Man that sucks! yeah, found out my co-worker is preggo the 2nd time! crap!
    oh yeah, if your tcm doc is not able to help you produce more cm (no offence to your doc)..maybe you can consider switching to my doc, she is always taking new patients. i specifically chose her because she prescribes chinese herbs that you cook which is the best way to take it. My family and myself has been seeing another chinese doctor who only prescribes herbs that you cook for many years now and i saw him before i switched over to see my current doctor and her herbs are way better! she is pretty darn good with the chinese herb stuff! The only thing is the herbs tastes like sh*t! you will have to spend time cooking the herbs if you have not already been doing that now with your current doc. I dont know I am seeing her for another few more months.
    I know how you feel, we are all the same..stressed out and wondering when the hell are we going to be able to "move on" from this stage of our lives and fast forward to being preggo and going through the 9 months of pregnancy and delivering our healthy baby..that is what is motivating us to find ways to help us get pregnant and the most frustrating part of it all is the waiting and the unknown of what actual choice is the right one we should take or not. That is why it just seems so damn unfair! This is like taking an prepare for it but you don't know if the next time you write it you will pass the test or not. And when you don't you feel so crushed! Oh well, life is never took me almost 8 years before i met my hubby! 8 freakin years while everyone else around me were getting married and starting their families!On top of that i came out of a horrible and abusive marrige the first time round too!8 years prior! both verbally and physically abused by my ex husband..barely crawled out of that alive! Im pretty pissed off too as i'm closing into the big 40 soon! People around me are wondering what the F is wrong with come i cant get pregnant..stress..everywhere. There, i've joined in with your ranting too! I feel better now typing this! We all need to do that once in a helps us keep sane! Now go have that big piece of chocolate cake! I'm gonna have mine now!
    Sending you big HUGS!
    Hoping you get that promotion!


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