Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No rushing rule - and where the heck is my preseed? I need it NOW.

As I'm heading towards O-day, there are still a few kinks in this month's plan

  • My CM is scant today.  Scant!  Frig....
  • My crate of preseed has not yet arrived.  This is a problem because of above and below!
  • Yesterday my CM pH was not good - could not yet test today due to scantness.  Maybe by tonight it will be more fired up?
  • My overall pH was still not in the 'healthy' zone as of yesterday.  Bah.  I'm not sure how long it takes to right itself... I've decided to eat my special fertility smoothie for breakfast for the next few days in hopes that it helps.
  • LH surge should be today or tomorrow.... i'm hoping for a really solid lines instead of the usual super faint line (heck, I'll take any line though!  not to be a whiner)
I'm really looking forward to seeing Dr T in a few days!

I've actually been very chill the last few days - coool.  I'll take it. My new "no-rushing" rule is really working out.  If I find myself rushing (since I am a natural rusher), I try to notice and stop and say, "I don't rush.".  So far so good!


  1. Hi- I do not think I have posted on your blog before..I wanted to let you know that I have found pre-seed at CVS, so it you need it before it arrives...maybe you can pick some up there.

  2. Come as you are is on 701 Queen St. West that is where I picked up my pre-seed lub a while back. you can call them to see if they still carry them.

    Check out this message board, a lady posted quite a number of locations you can get this stuff in toronto.
    Hope all works out for you! The BIG O!


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