Saturday, February 19, 2011

State of the Union

A review of our current status, as of Feb 2011.
In no particular order,

Things I/we do:
  • Plenty of sleep every night.  I rarely wake up still tired. 
  • Trying to get daily exercise. (Sit on the spin bike while I watch American Idol, it is true)
  • pH diet (sort of) - my pH does seem to be moving!  All those dandelion greens/kale/mineral water was worth it after all!
  • Acupuncture once a week with Dr. T
  • Chinese herbs twice a day
  • Fish Oil pills usually daily (incl. Cod Liver Oil since we're in Vitamin D winter for a while still)
  • Preggo vit... about 4/7 days a week (I keep them at work to have after lunch - I cannot have a vitamin in the morning, I will literally throw up.  My Dad is like this too.)
  • Read IF blogs like it's going out of style (love them/you all! my fav. hobby!)
  • Pineapple core at ~7DPO
  • Oysters several days leading up to ovulation, to ensure DH's man juice is up to snuff (um, and it is yummmmmy)
  • Track all fertility signs on a new improved fancy excel spreadsheet - CM, cervical position/feeling, BBT, etc. 
  • Use those lovely (cheap) tests strips to check when LH surge is - I now have tons of them, I love testing things, don't know why I wasn't doing this before - oh, right, because if you buy them at the drugstore they are hella expensive...
  • Test the pH of my fertile CM - it still fails to make the grade (but I have high hopes for next months)
  • Cut way down on decaf coffee/decaf black tea
  • Limiting wheat - not necessarily all gluten, just wheat for now
  • Cutting down on my dear goat milk (cow milk is OUT - I can't tolerate it)
  • Check out my tongue to see pinkness instead of redness
  • Use lots preseed during BD to help with pH
  • Keep my knees up in the air for like 1.5hrs when we BD after LH surge
  • Still take really hot showers, and haven't as yet taken pre/post shower temp to see if my temp goes up too much. 
  • Have been transferred to a new RE, hopefully will have an appt set up soon
  • DH is seeing a specialist just in case, had another sample taken

Things I/we don't do:
  • Rush.  If you recall, I gave it up.
  • No caffeine for me - not even chocolate (or maybe just a tiny bit once in a while)
  • Barely any booze - maybe one glass of wine per week, if that.  Alcohol does seem to affect me negatively (I notice I'm more cotton-headed the next day), so this is potentially a very good thing to give it up for a while.  Likely I will imbibe while on vacation.
  • DH no longer rides a bike - just in case.  This is too bad, since we have a spin bike in the basement, really only I can use it right now.
  • No high fru.ctose corn syrup (or "corn sugar" as it will be rebranded soon)
  • No aspartame (DH sorely misses his C.oke 0! As do I on occasion.  Um.. and it made my vision blurry sometimes.  Probably not good - my vision is already incredibly terrible.)
  • No snuggling with DH in the morning until after BBT - sucks, right?
  • No baths.  I haven't had a bath since before we were married.  Too bad, I love a good bath.  Even though we are going to Taiwan where there are like 149 different hot springs, I doubt I will go in.  Worried about heating up my lady bits too much.  BUMMER.
I guess we'll see see if any of this helps in the end... whenever that 'end' will be.


    1. Of course this will help, the energy you put out will come back to you!!! I ride the eliptical while watching Ellen, tehehe. I can't believe your going to Taiwan, thats going to be amazing.....I think I would risk a hot spring :)

      I think your doing amazing things for your health and your future, I know its hard, but it will pay off. How could "not rushing" ever be a bad thing?

    2. Yeah, the bummer of no coffee/alcohol..blah, i had to give both of this up completely for a long time now now. I only drink decaf tea but preferably David's tea -banana nut bread or forever nuts tea--absolutely no tea in there at all but still taste AMAZING!/herbal tea--David's tea and Teopia has become my usual haunts now and i buy their tea to go! So i've got a collection plus recently hubby got me a cute mug with tea strainer/lid for hom and i have 2 to go tea mugs for travelling...yes, i've converted from being a BIG TIME COFFEE DRINKER IN THE PAST..."sigh" Chocolate..a little piece now and then never kills anyone..seriously we still need some indulgance! I just woofed a camino organic almond chocholate down last night with DH! Okay, i was on CD3--cramps were making me famished for chocolate!

      Yeah, i agree go live a little in taiwan what the heck you'll return to a normal routine very quickly afterwards after your trip anyhow.
      Hey what brand of fish oil pill do you take? I am the same..i puke in the morning if i took my prenatal vits!
      My tcm said i should take wheatgrass juice? but that thing is expensive! for now i can only afford to take a "shot" here and there from a juicing place. "sigh"

    3. Our fish oil is Carlson Elite, and for Cod Liver Oil I use the CostC.o one. I have an old gift cert to Teaopia, I should really go check it out sometime! :)
      Yeah... I take some wheatgrass from time to time - I have a bunch of it now, I just made a nice orange/wheatgrass juice this morning, actually. You can buy a bunch of wheatgrass at the Big Carrot for about $5... probably a juice place would put that much into one juice, but I use it for several glasses.
      Ah... CE25 for me today... sigh....

    4. Thanks CS, with the bunch of wheatgrass from Big Carrot did you have to prepare it in a "juicer"--i don't have a juicer so probably i would need to buy one? $5 is totally reasonable and yeah, it is better to get several glasses than just 1 juice!
      Oh, big hugs for you..hang in there..i totally understand how you feel!
      Thanks for the info on the fish oil/cod liver oil as i've been interested in adding more to just my daily prenatal vitamin. Oh yeah, which brand do you use? i use the Jamison brand-prenatal vit.

      Yeah, you should definitely use gift cert at Teaopia--they also sell tea acessories so a great excuse for you to shop a bit of stuff to make a fantastic tea experience at home..well, it at least helps me relax for a bit and take my mind off of the ttc crap for a while...

    5. So... I think you technically are supposed to have a juicer, but i just mix mine in the blender with OJ, then put it through a sieve, and push the wheatgrass against the sieve to get all the juice out. Easy, cheap! For the amount of times I actually do this, I don't want to invest in a juicer (I am on the side that thinks eating the fruit in general is better for you!).

      True - I love tea things, I have like 5 million old lady tea cups and a fancy old lady tea pot and things, it is nice to settle down with a good cuppa!

      I use Jamison prenatal too! I find it is easiest on my stomach! In my dream world where I actually ever get pg, I would ask my doc to keep using those instead of the prescription ones you have to take morning/evening - cuz for sure that will add to throw-up-ed-ness! :)


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