Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Year of the Rabbit - makes you wonder if we'll all be like rabbits and make lots of babies, right?!  :)

I will clarify, that although the receptionist was giving me medical advice, she was actually kind of nice by the end of the call.  She was thinking she was convincing me that IVF Canada was actually really good, since I did have a midway change of heart (me thinking - maybe this will be faster).  She went on about how a clinic needs to have at least 15 years experience - uh... I don't think so.  But whatev - she's going out of her way to send me the forms, which is nice.

I like the idea of the walk-in clinic!  Don't know why this hadn't occurred to me.

Oh, also, I hope to NOT take the drugs my first IUI cycle.  The drugs really scare me, I want to see if I can do it without.  I mean, word is that I ovulate just fine...  hahah, I checked with the secretary, she said that yes they do that sometimes, so at least they should be open to that.  I would have talked to her more, but I had to call in to work to run a meeting.

JB - good advice.  I wish I knew which was to go!  Problem is, it really depends on the results whether or not in retrospect each decision was right.  Like, if this struggle is going to take several more years - for sure I should just wait to see Dr Awesome.  If my first IUI will catch, Dr Bad should be fine.

Anyhoo, time to go have Chinese New Year breakfast with the fam!  :)  They are quite serious about it - we have to have our first meal together today (although DH's sister is skipping).  Also no washing or cleaning today.

Gung hay fat choy!


  1. Hey, is your DH Chinese?? woo hoo! I'm of chinese background myself! Yes, we are celebrating Chinese new year right now! Gung Hay fat choy to you and "Tim Ding Fat Choy" hope i got the translation spelling correct which means "wishing you babies for the new year!

    Yeah, go to your walk-in clinic they can get you the referral. I agree if you are ovulating nicely try the un-medicated IUI first.

    Yummy, we are having our big Chinese New Year dinner at a restaurant tonight! gosh, getting hungry right now! Good luck with everything!

    Year of the Rabbit..nudge nudge wink wink--really good sign for a child!! we chinese just love this sign--kids are usually very pretty and intelligent (girls)--okay for a boy cute and intelligent!
    Tim Ding Fat Choy to all of us this year!

  2. I was terrified of the medication too, I asked to do a unmedicated IUI but they told me I wouldn't have as much of a chance. It costs a lot less if you do not take the medication (unless you have a plan) so thats also a big bonus. In in the end I took the medication, although confusing at first I got the handle of it and it was not so bad, they kept me on very low doses and I had very little side effects!

  3. Yup, the DH is Chinese. His family is pretty hardcore - we had a 10 course dinner last night. Yum! Tim Ding Fat Choy to you all too! :)

  4. heheh We just had our 10 course dinner tonight with 10 people altogether! Tomorrow there is another meal. I'm totally bursting out of my pants!

    Tishi, good to hear that Dr. Love prefers to have kept you on very low doses and very little side that is what i like to hear. what kind of drugs did you take? I just remember from reading your blog it was different from my IUI treatment.


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