Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In the nick of time

My preseed has arrived in the nick of time!  But THANKS to all the helpful tips - I thought I couldn't get preseed here, so I ordered it online (thus the wait).  When I'm through this crate of preseed I will just mosy on down to pick up some more!  Easy peasy!  I totally saved that link for next time - thanks!  Those tips could have been real life-savers - or else another wasted cycle.

I also ordered various other TTC goodies.  I enjoy having lots of LH test strips on hand.  And it is just me, or is it a bit sad when you need a new pink thermometer?  At least I think I do - mine's been acting a bit funny (shutting itself off on me, and whatnot).  So new thermometer tomorrow, it is.  Yay!  (I went a bit shopping crazy when I was online ordering.)

No LH surge yet today, but that's cool, it's only CD14, I usually get it CD15 or CD16.  But even though I know not to expect it today.... somehow not seeing a non-control line on any test strip feels like a mini-failure. Which is totally illogical, but there you have it.

I wasn't quite as chill today at work as earlier in the week.  I did remind myself not to rush several times - while good I remembered to slow it down, bad that I was rushing to start with.

Oh, and I ate FOUR bacon-wrapped Jalapeno poppers, and several other bacon-related shenanigans.  mmm.  I stuffed the jalapenos with goat cheese - SUPER good, but not exactly staying away from dairy.  Oh well - it's back to at least being a sometimes food, which is good.  Today was sometimes.  :)

Oh, the secretary from IVF Canada really seems to be taking an interest in me.  She called and asked about whether or not DH has an appt with a urologist (he was referred by Dr. Bad), and could I please get back to her with his info.  I am slightly fuzzy about why exactly (sperm counts are ok, etc), I will have to call her tomorrow (work got too busy today, then all that bacon needed eating).

One more thing - this blog has officially surpassed my IRL blog (which is mostly travel and house renovations and whatnot) for hit counts!  Gosh.  Makes you think, eh?  I'm so grateful for this wonderfully supportive online fertility community.  Hugs to all you ladies!  IF blogging and reading IF blogs is like my #1 fav thing to do these days!  Hah!


  1. The Red Tent Sisters in your area has preseed and LH test strips for quite cheep!

    I think its quite interesting that IVF canada has taken an interest in you, perhaps they had had come complaints or decline in clients so they are trying to have better PR? Maybe you will end up liking them?

  2. Yummy bacon!! You made my mouth water!

    Btw, where did you order the Preseed from?

  3. I ordered from
    - but my new pink thermometer is in FAHRENHEIT! D'OH! Sheesh. Forgetaboutit, I think I'll go buy a new Celsius one, there are limited circumstances I can deal with Fahrenheit.

    Thanks for the tip about Red Tent Sisters - they're not tooo far, I would prob go to them (support local business and all).

    Here's hoping about IVF Canada!


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