Thursday, February 10, 2011

Obsessed? Yes.

So I had my acupuncture appt tonight!  Yay!   I told her we're not broken up anymore, I want to keep coming every week.

I told Dr T I want more CM.  I was telling her how I was jealous of my other IF friends CM.  She sort of agreed.  Then when she came to take the needles back I was like, "Seriously.  Can you make me have more CM?"

She recommended I take some royal jelly for my next follicular phase.  Can do!  You know how I love to eat kooky things!  Done.

I had a pretty stressful day at work (not one but two major fires to put out), but I think I dealt with it better than I normally would have.  There is some room for improvement, but I didn't freak out, I tried to be unflappable.  And I kept reminding myself how I have given up rushing, which is still a remarkable concept and continues to be quite helpful.

Dr T doesn't know what to make of my hot follicular phase.  I thought I would be so cool and efficient and send her my BBT charts in excel - turns out she doesn't have excel! D'Oh!  Not everyone spends their entire day in excel!?!?  :o  Next week I'll have to email her a pdf. 

I am now wondering if my boss is preggo.  Her stomach looked suspiciously huge today.   Ha - I still instantly see preggo at every large-ish belly that saunters my way.  Obsessed?  Yes.

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  1. I always get obsessed when I think that someone around me is pg! You're not alone!


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