Monday, February 21, 2011

"Helloooo! It's your Aunt Flo!"

"Hellloooo dearie!  Here I am, 26 days since my last visit!"

"Um...awkward... we've discussed it, and we'd really rather you don't visit.  For the next while, anyhow.  How would that be?"

"No promises, my dear."

"Well, we were hoping to at least see you 27 or 28 days since last visit."

"Oh, no, I seem to like coming every 26 days, don't I?"

"That you do.  That you do.  I was sort of hoping that since I was doing so much 'clean living' maybe you wouldn't show up this month."

"... hrm, what was that dearie?  I wasn't caring about what you were saying.  I'm not interested in your 'clean living', I'll come anyway.  Want to go out for a drink or some coffee?"

"Well.... since you're here, I sort of do..."


"Aunt Flo?"

"Ahem.  Nothing.  Let's go get us a glass of wine, dear."


  1. AF sucks big time! That glass of wine or that nice cup of coffee sounds great right now! I just finally got over my nasty AF visit! I had chocolate last night to celebrate her departure!

  2. I feel so bad for ya...But your post is so dang funny- I am laughing~~ Awww, I totally understand- as soon as she is here- sushi and wine for me!

  3. I think I have that conversation every friggin' month...I hate her...I really wish she would take a 9 month sabbatical...during which time I would be growing a baby or 2 in my tummy...She just likes me too much....I hate being a nice person...

  4. This post made me laugh. Although, for the first time in ages I am actually hoping mine shows up on time; it can take a while after surgery.

  5. Hahaha, i had to come back in and read other's response! I woke up to some FUNNY RESPONSES! st. rita rose...sushi & wine...yummo!
    yesterday i said to my DH good that i know i'm not preg now cause i don't have to be so ever cautious with my food and drink intake--counting caffine anyone? seriously! I hate that b#????***--I feel better now!


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