Sunday, February 6, 2011

Odd Follicular phase

Since my follicular phase is coming towards  close, it is official - my follicular phase this month is so ODD!  I just graphed it up to now (I am CD11)  - so weird.  My temp is much higher than normal.  I think it's the Chinese herbs.

My appt with Dr T isn't until next week - bummer.  By then we'll be right around ovulation...which I suppose it a good day to do acupuncture, but not so good if I needed to be adjusted before then...?

Although - since starting TCM/Acupuncture, what is 'normal' is changing (duh, obvi she is trying to change my cycle and clean it up a bit), so I should probably stop trying to refer everything to my 'normal', and just take it as it comes.

In other February IF updates:
  1. pH:  It is too early to be checking CM pH, but I did pick up a book about a pH diet and read that.  They want your morning urine pH to be higher than mine is.  So far I haven't got it up to the right range.  I'm sort of loosely trying to do that - trying to eat more greens, fruits, mineral water, no more decaf coffee, but I'm not going hardcore and cutting out all grains/meat/dairy.  I'm still not 100% convinced this pH diet makes sense.  There is a lot of conflicting data out there about it.  But I figure more fruits/veg certainly won't hurt.
  2. Exercise:  Well, my imaginings of hiring a trainer and working out strenuously every day didn't quite happen.  I am working out slightly more than last month, but nothing close to what I probably ought to be doing.  I did go for a run today (it being actually warm out!), but it was sort of pathetic.  Oh well, you have to start somewhere.  DH and I will be going out for a walk soon too - I'm going to use some of my lucky money to buy a new 2011 calendar to write my temps in by the bed.  For some reason I am really looking forward to having a new calendar??  Ha ha ha.
  3. I can't really decide what to do about wheat/dairy.  I think I'm going to go back and try more wheat and dairy avoidance.  As in - at home make non-wheat/dairy meal plans, but if I'm out or starving, a wheat based cracker won't kill me.  I still love the goat dairy, but I'm going to cut it down.  We had some last night - the icing for the cake I made was based on chevre and it was TO DIE FOR - but that was a special occasion.  (Also, I used freshly ground spelt flour instead of white AP wheat I get at least one brownie point there????)

Superbowl today!!  Go Steelers!  :)


  1. Your doing SO much, you should be very proud of yourself. It will be interesting to see what Dr.T says about the follicular phase, sounds like the higher temperatures is a good thing, is it? The wheat/dairy thing I had a REALLY hard time with, I LOVE latte's and was SO upset to give them up. I started taking my own almond milk down the the coffee shop and they were kind enough to make TTC friendly latte's for me. I am sure they made fun of me behind my back. We also got a bread maker, which made it cheeper for us to get our hands on wheat free bread. Your right though, a wheat based cracker is NOT going to kill you!!!

  2. Yeah, you should be very proud with yourself! Gosh, I don't know if i can give up wheat/dairy...but i'm drinking more soy milk (TCM) doc recommends that for me...but wheat..oh gosh! that is tough..but will have to try! Hmmmm i will need to do more research into the Wheat subject if it will improve my chances of TTC!..any good books to recommend? but i love almond milk..good tip Tishi...bring my own almond milk to get my latte's made!
    Reading books is so powerful! And there are so many books out there about the topics we are interested in regards to what we are going through!


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