Monday, March 12, 2012

AF head games

Thank you so much for your comments and tips for surgery!  They are all a big help.  It makes it a lot easier knowing so many have gone before me.  :)

Ok, on to the weirdness that is the last few days.

AF STILL hasn't shown up, nor left any calling cards.  I thought yesterday I might have seen a bit of spotting, but still no dice today.

And the boobies.  I can't get through a 2WW without discussions about the boobies, can I?  So for AGES they weren't sore this cycle.  I had this post flying around in my head about how wonderful progesterone cream is.  I have had sore boobies from ~CD18 onwards since Feb 2011 when those overly 'hot' Chinese herbs threw me.  This month - no sore boobies!  Hooray!  No need to wear sports bras to work!   I can run up stairs with impunity!

Until yesterday.  That would have been CD27.  Normally they chill out right before AF comes.


Most likely it is because I stopped the prog cream at like CD24 because I realized I want AF to come in a timely manner this month.  And they are so sore.  Or is it because I've gone bananas on (goat) dairy this month?

But you know how it is.  The little voice in my head says, "Could this be it?"

Since today is CD28, I tested this morning - BFN.  No surprise there. I only have two pg tests left before the motherload comes in - should I waste another tomorrow?  I was so sure AF had come in the night because I was so crampy this morning, but no dice.

I will keep y'all posted!


  1. Why does AF play games?! Grrr. I'm still hoping you get a BFP before surgery - that would be awesome! They made me take a pregnancy test at the hospital when I had surgery, since my AF was a no-show, too. Hmm, will be thinking of you!

  2. I hate the 2WW games. I hope you get some answers soon. Many prayers for your upcoming surgery. I remember how stressful those "pre-surgery" days could be. Take it easy after surgery and enjoy the pampering from your hubby :) Best wishes to you!

  3. What the heck!!! Figures right...AF is an a-hole!!! did you test?


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