Monday, March 19, 2012

Plan for day before surgery

The big pre-game show starts tomorrow.  Man, I was a mess at work today.  I was SUPER freaked out for a while.  I don't know why, I was just so nervous.  I kept looking at the calendar and March 21st kept jumping out at me!  I know it's not a big deal and everything will be fine, but still...  I was ok by lunch.  I think focusing on work helped, and so did eating outside. 

Anyway, I thought I would share my plan for tomorrow - it's a good thing it says in bold on the sheet from my doc's DO NOT GO TO WORK - there is a ton to do!  Although most of you have already been through this, this may one day help someone that is about to have a lap.

0800  Breakfast (regular) must be finished.
0900  2 pills Misoprostal (Cytotec).  And it isn't taken orally, if you get my drift.  (Side effects, nausea and cramps)  Slightly frightened.  The pharmacist told me to go to the emerg if I have heavy bleeding.  But it now occurs to me - I'm on my period, yo.  It is used in nulliparous women to soften the cervix.  (This is my new word of the day - means having carried no pregnancy to >20 wks.  Maybe I should name my blog to 'Club Nulliparous'?)
1300  Call hospital to confirm surgery.  Wouldn't that be lovely to be rescheduled?!?
1400  1 package Purg-o-Dan. ("A Smart Way to Purge Away") - ROFL.  Hahah.  That is the first thing I read when I opened the package.  Very frightened.  The Internet suggests I will need reading material on the commode.  Oy vey.
1700  2 pills Misoprostal if needed.  That's a tricky one, I think.  How am I supposed to know if I need it?  I think it is more like "If I can tolerate it".
1900  2nd package of Purg-o-Dan if needed.
0400  No more fluids.

Tomorrow I am all clear fluids and broth and unscented soap/shampoo.  I don't get what the deal is with the clear fluids.  Why is white cranberry juice ok but red cranberry juice not ok?  The Purgodan is quite specific about it, and the nurse at the doc's office was very particular as well.

Our freezer is a treasure chest of broth now, we've been making broth for weeks.  I just made some white grape juice jello - that will be a nice treat tomorrow.  I also bought some Kambucha (green tea and peach), and some organic cloudy apple juice.  Plenty of food!  There are dire warnings about not having enough fluids, so I think I should be fine.  And of course, water.

Work was pretty stressful today, but when I left "I am free! I am free!" kept dancing through my head.  My boss stopped by and said nice things like, "Don't worry about it, we'll be fine" and "So and so in Shanghai can do that, don't worry about calling in".  That was nice.  Helped me to let go.  :)

Type at you tomorrow.


  1. EEK! Good luck! It's going to go great! I can't wait to hear about it. I'll be praying for you.

  2. It's probably a good thing to be so busy, right? And yes, reading material is definitely required 'cos you'll be in the bathroom for a long time.

    This will all be over soon and you will have the answers you're looking for!!!!


  3. Glad you're taking a little time to yourself before surgery. I had a laparoscopy for mild endo several years back and I don't remember some of the things you're talking about - I don't think I had to take medications...anyway, one thing I do remember that I wanted to share is that when I woke up after the surgery, the nurses said if I could get up and go the bathroom, I could go home. I was very woozy and weak and my best friend was with me - she whispered, "Don't do it! Just play dead!" So I did - I said I couldn't get up, and it was the best choice. It meant staying there the night and getting taken care of and being helped and leaving the next day feeling much better and able to ask coherent questions and get information. That's my advice - don't get up to pee afterwards so you can stay the night and be taken care of/observed. AND one more thing - the Tylenol 3 really binds you up, so you may want to ask your naturopath or someone for something you can take alongside it.
    Thinking of you and hoping for a smooth and informative procedure!
    P.S. Thanks for finding my blog again - I missed you.


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