Thursday, March 22, 2012

And the results from surgery are.... (drum roll please)...

Stage III endo!

Surgery took 2hrs 15 min, so they tell me.  Dr Love came by before surgery to chat, that was nice.  The nurses gushed over how nice he was.  He really was like a kindly gentleman all day.  There was also a fellow and a resident.  I liked the fellow, she was young and chipper.  I was a bit worried about the anaesthesia, but the Anesthesiologist said "Don't worry honey, I am going to take good care of you.", which was really quite soothing.

I woke up after surgery and promptly vomited.  Then they gave me some fantastic nausea medication - it really did work within a minute or two.  Eventually I went down to 2nd stage recovery and sort of slept for an hour before they let DH in.  I don't really sleep very well in the day, so although very sleepy, I sort of just laid there.  When it was time to try to pee (you know, the big test that says you can go home) I couldn't and barfed again, so they gave me some gravel and THAT did make me sleepy, I think I slept for half an hour after that.  I was actually woken up by Dr Love coming by to check up on me before he left for the day.  Then I tried again and was successful at peeing.  By this time I really just wanted to go home - I found the hospital bed not very comfortable, and I kept thinking of my nice comfy bed and pillows waiting for me at home.

All of this ralphing wasn't actually a big deal - it was just water.  Much less drama than a normal up-chuck.

One disconcerting thing was I realized I woke up in different disposable underwear than I went into surgery in.  Although this seems obvious, it seems weird that a team full of people were up in my lady bits and I have zero memory of this.  Which is really grand when you think of it, spares you the indignity of it all.

Overall I'm not really in a lot of pain.  There seem to be four incisions.  I've been able to walk around the house a bit this morning.  I've stayed away from the big guns of Oxyc.odone - I am scared of it, I'd like to avoid it.  I am on Naproxin and Tylenol.  Slept ok last night, woke up and took a Tylenol around 2 am and went to the washroom.

Just ate some soup (with potatoes and carrots!  actual food!) and crackers last night, today am starting more regular food (I had a boiled egg and buckwheat for breakfast).  Doc warned against any gassy food, so I am trying to be careful.

Dr Love said I had much more endo than they thought I did, he was surprised I wasn't in more pain.  This is leading DH to think I am an amazing pain tolerator, but really it just goes to show endo isn't always excessively symptomatic.  He said it was deep, and I "made them work".  He told DH I was not have sugar, dairy or meat that wasn't local organic.  This is excellent, it makes much more of an impression on DH when he hears it from a doc instead of from me (probably because I like to go on wild and crazy diets).

I believe Dr Love said this should really increase our chance at pregnancy.  My hopped-up-on-goofballs brain at the hospital may have added the word "tremendously", or it might have actually been there.  The phrase "we may actually have a baby" kept going over in my head - amazing.

Overall it was a phenomenal day.  The negatives weren't too bad, and the positive - this may really help our chances, this surgery was not a waste at all - really outweighed all the discomforts.  Prayer buddy, you are doing a great job!  Thank you so much to all the ladies (especially Jelly Belly) who encouraged me to get this done, even after several doctors had told me flat out "You don't have endo".


  1. Wow...that's wonderful that you found a real answer AND solution at the same time! I am thinking good thoughts for your recovery and upcoming TTC cycles!!!

  2. I knew it!!!! Now your chances are so much better!!!

    I'm so sorry that you have stupid endo, but your questions have been answered!

  3. I'm so glad the surgery went well and that you now have an answer! Doctors are great - but they aren't always right. Hope you recover quickly.

  4. I agree with JB, sorry that they found stupid endo. BUT, this may just be the missing piece to the puzzle! I hope your recovery is super smooth.

  5. OMG YAY! I'm so glad you got answers! I just knew it would be worth it. I'm sorry to hear about the fun. I remember how hard it was to pee lol. You are a trooper! I had to take the hard core pain pills - which I don't like. Glad to hear you're doing well! Take care!!


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