Friday, March 30, 2012

Two steps forward, two steps back

So while it has been seeming like every day I've been getting a bit better (good, good, progress), yesterday was AWFUL!  WTIF!

If we backup to Wednesday, I had a friend over around 3pm.  We walked to the grocery store (about a block away) - I had also done this on Tuesday with no ill effects.  We then chatted for an hour or so (maybe more) - I was semi-setting up on the couch.  After she left I was quite ouchy, so I took an Ox.y.

I missed my evening Naproxen (probably due to the Oxy I didn't need it).  I woke up at 4am Thursday in the most pain I've been in since the surgery (weird, right?).  So I took another Oxy.  I slept very poorly the rest of the night, by the morning I was feeling awful.

All day Thursday I felt sick and awful.  I had to take a G.ravol in the morning and one in the evening.  (From someone that never takes any pills besides vitamins, I've become a huge pill popper!) I've been taking a little walk every day, but yesterday I was literally on the couch all day, a bit dizzy even with the Gravo.l.

I seem to be better today, but I'm going to take it easy.  It is funny, on Wednesday I was commenting on how good I was feeling - but Thursday came along and I am suddenly very glad I have another week recovery away from work.  I think I was feeling so good because I mostly lay down all day - I think too much sitting up isn't so good?  Or it was something I ate?  Or the O.xy?  (I don't trust that stuff, even though it does help immensely with the pain). 


  1. Yes, definitely go easy on yourself....I remember feeling quite awful for most of two weeks after my lap. You can feel okay until you over-exert yourself, so continue to lay low, watch movies, and heal. Thinking of you.

  2. I was on both oxy and naproxen for 3 days right after surgery and then 4th day went cold turkey my sister who is a social worker told me the oxy especially can be addictive and does make you woozy and weird i decided to just sleep or sit when i feel the pain sleeping helps. I walk a bit when no pain. Rest and drink lots of water is key . After i stopped taking those drugs i had bad sideeffect which was headache for almost a week each person is different. I did not have any nausea.
    It took me 3 weeks before i felt almost normal. Speedy recovery and before you know it you will forget the pain.

  3. :-( Oooh yucky. I hope the bad parts are all behind you now.


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