Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Pre Game Show, morning edition

In perhaps too much detail............

7:30am  The Last Breakfast.  Toad in the Hole!  Half a banana and an orange also snuck in before the 8am deadline.  1 cup decaf Green tea.  Overexcited.

8am  Another cup o' decaf Green Tea

9am  2 pills up the Vajayjay.  Not as bad as I thought.  Having tons of energy.  Putting away laundry.

9:30am  Cup of Kombucha.  Dusted.  Still sort of hyper.

10am  Cup of water.  Dusted floors.  Bought a groupo.n for DH and I to take a sewing class.  Reviewed all the tips for surgery you lovely ladies left on my blog!  Packed hospital bag - licorice drops (thanks MHE!), granny panties (Can I mention I love these?  They are huge and go up to like my chin, and come in soft pastel shades.), book (Harry Potter 1, in case you are wondering - calm and soothing and friendly), warm socks, passport + driver's license + health card + insurance card (Just in case -   if they have a pharmacy there.  Otherwise not needed.).

10:30am  Cup of water.  Realize maybe I need a larger pad than I've packed or own, pop out to the grocery store to buy the biggest thickest pads I can find.  Also pick up more unflavoured gelatin (a girl can't have too much unflavoured gelatin around!) and can't help but buy some SEEDS for planting, since it is beautiful out!

11:00am  Bowl of chicken broth.  Start fooling around in the garden.  Goal is to plant spinach in a planter, and cherry tomato seeds in a wee little seed starter pot.  Which I long to bring inside and put on the windowsill, but DH would shoot me (he doesn't want bugs in the house).

11:30am  Cup of water, cup of Kombucha.  Still fooling around in the garden.  My compost has 5000 sow bugs (which I would have called potato bugs, but I think this was in error), so I manually de-bug it (mostly) before it goes in the planter.  What the heck, it is nice out, I'm not in a rush.  I wish I had a solar oven to back my compost - maybe I will build one.

12:00pm  Cup of apple juice.  Big surprise - FLOWERS come from Feather!!!  Yay!  So cheery!  Loves!  :)  Makes me feel so special.  They really cheer the place up!  :)  Here they are in front of my front door.

12:30pm  Bowl of chicken broth.  Wrap up gardening.  Still have rather a lot of energy.  It is odd - I'm not really usually this chipper.

1:15pm  Cup of water.  Starting to be a bit more normal (aka, less energetic).  Also probably due to the fact I got so much sun, even with the UV still rather low (only a titch of Vitamin D probably made).  Back into pjs and catching up on some emails.

Alright, onto the scary part of the day.... so far today has kinda been great.  Quiet, sunny, warm.  No cramping or nausea from the Misoprostol after all, that turned out to be no big deal.  (Phew!)  I have not thought about work once.  :)


  1. Best Wishes for a successful surgery!!!! You will be in my prayers this evening. Keep us updated. Stay calm. This is going to work out great!

  2. The flowers are so cute! :) I'm glad. (You never know what you are going to get when you order online!)
    All the best tomorrow!! Love.

  3. You are so darned productive!!!!

    I hope that the rest of the prep goes as smoothly!!!


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