Monday, March 26, 2012

Endometriosis Diet Ideas!

So now that I officially have endo, as I have mentioned I am going to try to stick to the endo diet.  But if you google it, it is a bunch of 'no's - there aren't a lot of cohesive books or lists of recipes to try.  There is one self-published book I have ordered, but that isn't here yet.

So anyway, I thought I would post my weekly meal plan, to give some ideas to any other ladies out there with endo or suspected endo.  (For lunch I generally have dinner leftovers, so these are dinners only).  I will try to keep a longer list in the 'Endometriosis Meal Ideas' page that is linked to above (also this will be a good reminder for me as I'm making up our weekly meal plan - sometimes "What should we eat on Wednesday?" can take us ages to sort out)

We don't always 100% stick to the plan, but this is generally how we buy groceries - it is more optimal, we end up with less waste this way.  (We add on random fruits and veg to bring for lunch, but this week DH is not wanting me to eat raw foods yet, because he is Chinese).

Sun:  Wild salmon with DH's special topping (black olives in oil, sundried tomato, almonds and garlic - YUM!), baked.  Brown rice and green beans.

Mon:  Organic chicken tacos with organic corn tortillas, avocado, br rice, cilantro and tomatoes.

Tues:  White bean (likely it will be navy) stew with leftover chicken and random veg (carrots, celery, onions)

Weds:  Quinoa Tabouli with sardines.  (We buy skinless/boneless sardines - they are YUMMY.  Try them!)

Thurs:  Sweet Potato + red lentil soup (pureed)

Fri:  Some sort of wild fish, cauliflower (supposed to be good to reduce estrogen) and quinoa.


  1. Yum! I wish I could eat fish!

    I totally credit the endo diet with the fact that mine didn't grow back in between my surgeries.

    Diet does work!!!

  2. Oh JB! I wish you could eat fish too! (and eggs!)


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