Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Pre Game Show, afternoon edition

In further excruciating detail........

2:00pm Whipped up my Purg-o-dan packet.  I am supposed to take one hour to finish it.  Feeling quite tired now - really have to push myself do pay bills and clean out my gym bag (to-do items I set during my energetic morning).

3:00pm  Am heading for a nap upstairs (closer to the bathroom, just in case?).  I am suddenly bone-tired.  Having a nap in my sunny bedroom is heaven!  (ok, I am not really good at sleeping in the day, so I just laid there for a spell).

5:00pm  2nd set of Misoprostal timed quite poorly with the Purgodan kicking in.  I somehow got a shower in, and everything was resolved.  TMI, my cervix didn't really seem 'soft', so I do think I needed this second dose.  I will not be needing a second dose of Purgodan, thankfully!  Have finished the required 6 cups of fluids (broth, apple juice, water).

6:00pm  DH is home!  Hurrah!  He ate dinner while I had jello.  Let me tell you, this was the best jello I have ever made.  White grape juice + unflavoured gelatin = manifique!  I just put down some apple juice jello in the hopes of recreating this goodness.  Tired and kinda weak.  I suspect a sandwich would fix this.  I've been reading and whatnot, but I think the TV is about to go on - I am just too tired now (but not actually tired enough to sleep).  DH is off to practise, he'll be home probably after I'm in bed.  So let's see what Mrs Jessica Fletcher is up to....

7:00pm  Sooo hungry.  I just want to walk into the kitchen and have a little nosh.  More jello it is.  Not fully done with the purge yet. 

8:00pm  I could really go for some potato chips now!  Maybe some salty chicken broth will be a similar thing...

9:00pm  Sleepy.  Last of the jello.  Night all!  Wish me luck tomorrow! Hopefully I will get at least some answers - or in my fantasy this magically was the last problem left for us and we make a baby no problem after this!  (Wouldn't that be grand?  Somehow I don't think so.  But we'll see.)

01:30am:  Assplosion for 10 min.  VERY painful.  I hope this is not a harbinger of things to come!


  1. Thinking very good thoughts for you!

  2. Your post brought back many memories!

    Will be thinking of you all day! Can't wait to hear an update. Good luck!!!!


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