Saturday, March 24, 2012

Slowly Going


So I'm slowly getting better.  I actually did need to dip into the Oxy yesterday - I had abandoned Tylenol and Napr.oxen as I didn't think they were really working... but this I think was incorrect.  It was ok though - nothing bad has happened when I took it, besides the pain going away.  I had expected everything to get better a little faster, but Friday was a bit tougher than Thursday, strangely.

I do have a tiny bit of shoulder pain, but it isn't so bad.

The worst thing is that I haven't "dropped the kids off at the pool" yet, if you know what I'm saying.  I was taking a medicine to help with this, but then realised it had mannitol and sorbitol in it - no thank you!  Those sugar alcohols really disagree with me, and if I'm having some trouble with the business, no way I want any risk of that.  (They destroy your colon.  Stay away.  Just sayin')

I also forgot to mention a few things from my surgery:  I have known I had a little fibroid since Nov 2010.  I think it was like 1cm or less, can't quite remember.  All docs said it was no big deal, since it was outside the uterus, not inside.  Well, apparently it was now the size of a golf ball - so they snipped it off.  Good.  Maybe that was causing me some randomly mid-month abdominal pain.  Apparently my Mom and Aunt have had fibroids (large ones) too, so I would rather get it outta there.  I wonder if the Clo.mid made it grow?

Also, Dr Love told DH my left tube was partially blocked.  I think this is a big deal.  It wasn't blocked last November.  So in that time endo grew and blocked it.  Yikes.  Scary stuff!  We had been going on the premise that my tubes were fully open.  So, endo diet for me hardcore for a while.  I don't want any growing back! 

I had a shower today - yay for clean hair!  :)


  1. The Oxy can cause constipation as well. I am hopeful for you....removal of the fibroid and the opening of a partially blocked tube....that is progress. I hope great things are in store for you in the future!

  2. Yes, pain meds can cause constipation. It's not fun, but make sure that you're taking the pain meds. It's all a part of the healing process, you're not supposed to be in pain.

    It took me a few days to pass gas and then even longer to poop post-op. The first time was not fun. Go easy on yourself. Your system is in a bit of shock and it has to get used to being endo free!

    1. Thanks JB! Luckily, I did drop the kids off at the pool this morning - and thankfully, it didn't hurt at all! :)

  3. Hello! I am new to your blog...I read your bio on TCIE. I had my lap surgery the same day as you. I hope your recovery continues to go smoothly!

  4. I hope you continue to improve and feel lots better asap! Since they found so much, recovery will probably be a little slower. That's amazing what they found, but I'm so glad they took care of it. I bet you're going to get pregnant in no time :-)

  5. I am so glad you had this surgery - and that you made that poolside stop :) I hope this new step in your journey (the non-endo way of eating) makes you feel better AND helps you and your DH as you move towards parenthood.


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