Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tips for Surgery?


My laproscopy is coming up - 10 days away!  I was wondering if perhaps any of you ladies had any tips or tricks?  Sorry I haven't posted in a while - I've had lots of posts swimming around in my head, no time to put them down on 'paper'.

I am hoping above all that this surgery turns out to be worthwhile.  I mean ideally they will find something broken and fix it and babies will rain from heaven.  But if that doesn't happen - I hope at least questions are answered!

For surgery tips I found this on the Internet which I thought was quite good - do you ladies have anything to add?

Some questions I have - I am planning on buying some more loose underwear - should I go for granny panties or regular?  I am also thinking of getting a cheap nightgown or two - I am more of a pjs kinda gal, but what if my abdomen is too sensitive for pants?

Should DH plan to work from home the day after surgery, or will I be ok on my own?  What about 2 days after?

Next weekend I am planning to cook like a madwoman to have lots of frozen food ready, and to clean the house so it is all nice and clean for me to hangout in.  I have started taking a million books off hold at the library so I will have tons of things to read/listen to (unauthorized biography of tom cruise audiobook anyone?! - amongst more serious things) - there is only so much Murder, She Wrote a gal can watch in one day.  ;)

I just want AF to come and be done by the time the surgery starts - and she isn't here yet.  Seriously - AF has terrible timing.  When you actually want her here - no sign of here!  WTIF!  I am actually starting to get pissed every time I go to the washroom and I see no spotting.  So opposite of normal.  Pray for her to just get here already - I want to be done TEBB by next Wednesday, so the doc has a clear view when he's looking at the uterus.


  1. To be truly honest... I Had a 3 1/2 hour surgery for Endo last July, found Stage IV... 1st day was difficult... I was sore and moved like a granny, but overall it wasn't that bad. I took two weeks off work, and probably should have just gone back after the 1st week. Definitely take it easy as you don't want to cause any damage to your healing body :) Good Luck!!!

  2. I would definitely recommend looser underwear. My incision ended up being bigger than my first and Mr JB had to run out and get me new ones. I also recommend loose pants (Walmart is a good place to get good, cheap ones). Frozen meals are a great thing to have on hand. I'd recommend lots of soup too. I know that post-op I couldn't handle lots of solid food.

    Let me know if you need anything. Now that I'm back to my old self I'd be happy to visit with some goodies!

    1. dunno what is wrong with my computer, anyhoo i'm replying by tagging along to jelly belly"s reply, yes, big loose underwear, i just picked mine up from joe fresh, my dh got both large and extra large..white undies, very comfortable. Lots of soup as you might not be able to right away have solid food. I've been on jello and fruit cups but i've got my chinese mom to take care of me so yeah, lots of chinese soup. if i think of anything else i've post. good luck on your upcoming surgery! I also picked up to flannel cotton button down night gown from joe fresh, $11 bucks each. Get a good thick warm robe i've been practically wearing that when i'm home. I've got a pair of mexx leggings before the surgery which i'm wearing now when i step out for walks. my 4 small incisions are around my belly button so i just wear my leggings lower on my waist.

  3. I also recommend a body pillow for sleeping. You'll find it hard to sleep normally for the first few weeks.

  4. I wore pretty loose undies - almost like granny panties. They told me I wouldn't bleed much, since they also did a D&C to remove my lining - but I bled like a heavy period!! I wore big, gigantic pads that go all the way from front to back - the super heavy duty ones.

    I wore loose pjs, too. It did kind of bother me to have pants on - even loose ones, unless I pulled them down low. I couldn't stand for anything to get near my incisions. It was irritating, and it just felt weird to have something touch where I was cut open. It gave me the creeps LOL.

    I think it would be good to have DH there for a day or 2, just in case you are in a lot of pain. I didn't move much from the couch/bed.

    I did not want to eat for a couple days after the surgery AT ALL. I had to force food and fluids. I only managed to eat soup and crackers, juice, water.

    I was also waiting for AF and she didn't show - I think that's why they did the D&C. It was good though to have them "clean me out". I've heard you're more fertile after a D&C.

    I hope you get some answers! I did talk to a girl who did the Lap, they didn't find anything, but she got pregnant the next cycle!! It must have done something :-)

  5. My two cents....definitely granny panties!! I took home tons of the cotton throw-away ones from the hospital and then went and got some granny ones when I got home. Definitely a pillow to hold at your belly for the ride home.

    Cough drops/mints for your throat...mine was sore and I needed something asap.

    Nightgowns---nothing binding at your will be so much more comfy!

    Yes, DH should work from home!! It helps alot!!

    Let me see.....yes, prepare food- but I didnt eat much afterwards for a few days, b/c of the pain...the pain stinks. Just take your pain meds and do not let it get really bad, b/c then the pain meds will not work!

    I will let you know if I think of anything else.

    I hope you get answers!!!!

  6. I second the baby pillow recommendation--use it to hold to your belly when driving home (you will fell EVERY bump in the road, no way to avoid it) and for if you need to cough, sneeze or laugh. It helps.

    Also big pants and big panties... I snagged a few of the disposable panties from the hospital--they are actually great for the first day or two post op.

    Make sure you eat something with your pain meds- the last thing you want is to be throwing up.

    If you are having a NaPro surgery you will have the fluid in your belly and it might leak out the incisions. It is no big deal as long as it is clear. I used one of the pads the hospital provided and stuck it so the absorbent bit was against my leaky incision and the sticky bit was stuck to the inside of my disposable undies. Worked like a charm. (One of the nurses showed me that!)

    You will absolutely need help the first day or two post-op. So have DH stay home with you. And lots of soup post op is a good idea. I was able to tolerate solids pretty quickly, but I seem to be in the minority.

    FYI: I had my period (CD3) when I went in for my surgery, and it was no big deal. The Hospital and the Doc handled it. They gave me the snazzy disposable undies and pad when I checked in to the hospital.

    Good luck! I hope they can give you some answers!


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