Sunday, March 4, 2012

Getting Ready

I just bought TONS of fertility supplies, to be ready for the months after the surgery.  Shipping takes a long time from the company I order from, so I just ordered tons of stuff that should be good for several months of TTC.  Lots of pg sticks, LH strips, pre-seed, Fe.rtileCM, progesterone cream - everything an infertile gal needs!  ;)

At work I have so far only told two people I am going to be out.  To one I simply said "I'm going to be out for 3 weeks" - and that was it.  No further questions came.  I guess I am kind of getting a by since a lot of people are going on sabbatical, so people are probably assuming I am using part of my sabbatical.

To a guy on my team, I said I was going to be out for 3 weeks, and he said, "Why?", and I said "I have a small surgery", and his eyes bugged out a bit, but he didn't say anything further.  Good.  That's the first test.  So far I am under the radar.

Last night we had a big hot pot party at our house - DH's friends.  It was really fun, everyone (me included) drank a lot of wine.  But I somehow spent most of the evening chatting with a new mom.  I do really like her, but at some point I was thinking "UGH.  Blah blah blah baby.  Enough!".  It was really too much baby/preggo talk.  I need to be more skillful at changing the conversation.  The problem is, I sort of like talking about babies.  I held her super cute and good baby for a while - have to say, it is fun to hold babies. 

I thought I was going to be close to telling her our trouble of TTC, but it never sort of come up in conversation.  I even got a bit emotional thinking the big question was about to come "When are you guys going to have a baby?", and I was trying to prep myself to answer honestly - but it never came.  Do people sort of guess, or are they so wrapped up in themselves they don't think to ask?  At some point a preggo at the party asked me if I had any announcements coming after I had made some baby remark, and I was like "Do you see me pouring wine down my throat?".  Yeesh.

For this girl, the only impediment to them having a baby was convincing her husband it was time.  HAH!  NOT our problem!  My sweet DH was ready for a baby on our honeymoon!  But she turned 34 and decided she was getting old, so they better start., I turn 34 this summer.  Wah wah.  Odds are there will be no bun in the IF Me oven by then.  (FYI, they got pg on the first try)

Even in church today it was all Abraham and Sarah, and the cross of Infertility got only a passing mention.  I was sort of cheesed at how lightly it was handled - this is my life's obsession (currently).


  1. You must be so relieved that there weren't too many questions at work. I thought that I would have to have a press conference, but I was able to return to work with little fuss. Thank God!

    I know the anxiety of the "question" coming up all too well. I've been so tempted to tell friends about our IF, but they've stopped asking. I guess after almost seven years they think we're childless by choice. Yeah, right!

    I am so excited about your surgery!!!!!

  2. Thank goodness for wine! I know what you mean about the awkward conversations surrounding IF. I was at brunch with my cousin. She has had an IUD in place for 4+ years. Well, she told me at brunch that she is going to get it out soon because she wants another baby. She quickly reminded me that she got pregnant before after one month of trying and it wasn't even that close to ovulation. This is after I told her about some of our struggles. I want to stab her with my fork!

  3. I'm glad to hear you are stocked up and prepared!
    That's good that people aren't asking much at work. Really, it's nosy anyway. I'm so anxious for you to get it done! I was actually excited for mine LOL!
    I remember being anxious about the questions coming up amongst friends. It was difficult to deal with at first, but now we tell everyone. You just have to do whatever you are comfy with. :-)


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